As the preferred partner for strategic and community-based planning in Miami-Dade and Monroe counties, the Health Council of South Florida is committed to provide free assistance with efficient and effective implementation of the Affordable Care Act in our community. Let’s work together to get eligible individuals covered!  


95% of Florida consumers who enrolled in the Marketplace

qualified for financial assistance.

Still Need Coverage for 2020? 

With a qualifying life change, you may be able to enroll in health coverage NOW!

Get Covered Now!

 To get FREE and unbiased assistance with one of our Outreach Specialist,

please contact us at 786-708-0836 or schedule an appointment through our online tool below.



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Our Team of Outreach Specialists can help you: 


HCSF Outreach Specialists are now enrolling individuals and families.

We Can Also Provide:

  • Educational Presentations

  • ACA 101 Training For Staff

  • An Outreach Specialist At Your Location To Assist Clients Directly 



For More Information Call: 786-708-0836

Did you know?

  • Shopping around for plans saved families an average of $400 annually


HCSF Open Enrollment Video – English

HCSF Período de Inscripción Abierta Video – Spanish

HCSF Special Enrollment Period – English Cost Calculator


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Non-Discrimination Notice

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) doesn’t exclude, deny benefits to, or otherwise discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, national origin, disability, sex, or age in admission to, participation in, or receipt of the services and benefits under any of its programs and activities, whether carried out by CMS directly or through a contractor or any other entity with which CMS arranges to carry out its programs and activities.

If you need to file a complaint, follow the instructions here.

Notice of Availability of Auxiliary Aids & Services

We've taken appropriate steps to make sure that people with disabilities have an equal opportunity to participate in our services, activities, programs, and other benefits. People with disabilities include those who are deaf, hard of hearing, blind, or who have low vision or other sensory limitations.  

For more information about free auxiliary aids and services to help us better communicate with people with disabilities, follow instructions here