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\Conversation Hialeah is a proud champion of The Conversation Project, a national initiative dedicated to helping people talk about their wishes for end of life care and ensuring that everyone’s wishes for end of life care are EXPRESSED and RESPECTED.

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Did you know that in the USA…

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Source: The Conversation Project’s National Survey 2018

Conversation Hialeah aims to foster open communication and information sharing on end of life wishes and advance care planning. Through outreach and education, training and resource sharing, Conversation Hialeah will engage individuals, caregivers, families, providers and other paraprofessionals to appropriately have these conversations with individuals who need this information. We want everyone’s wishes for end of life care documented and respected.

   Conversation Hialeah aims to:


  • Build awareness and education by working with local non-profit organizations, social service agencies, local governments, religious leaders, private businesses, senior housing, and healthcare organizations to encourage and facilitate conversations in which vital issues regarding the preferences of older adults as well as terminally ill people are discussed, and care preferences are made known.


  • Train participants and develop a network of volunteers through a “Train the Trainer” model to maximize potential reach throughout the community while maintaining future sustainability.


  • Increase knowledge base to build capacity among professionals and paraprofessionals serving older adults aged 65 and older that implement end of care discussions and advance care directives.



To learn more or schedule a presentation or training please…CLICK HERE

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