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The Conversation Project provides the following tools in various languages at no cost. 

Brochure 3.PNG

The Conversation Starter Kit

  • A tool to help you think about what matters most to you and how to facilitate this conversation with your loved ones.

How to Talk to Your Doctor

  • A tool to help you have conversations about advanced care planning with your doctor or medical team.

Brochure 4.PNG

Who Will Speak for You?

  • A tool on how to choose and be a health care proxy.

Brochure 5.PNG

Conversation Starter Kit for Loved Ones of People with Alzheimer’s/Dementia Starter Kit

  • A tool to help families and loved ones of people with Alzheimer’s/Dementia have the conversation.

Brochure 6.PNG

Pediatric Starter Kit

  • A tool to help you have the conversation with your seriously ill child.



To access the above resources and to find more information on The Conversation Project, please visit their website.

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