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Southeast Florida Cancer Control Collaborative 

April Steering Committee Meeting

Conference Call Line Option: (786) 535-4360

Participant Code: 110 #




Dr. Marie Etienne, Maray Salina, Chris Varela, Fayola Delica, John Brown, Teddy Speropoulos, Tenesha Avent



SFCCC Co-Chair, Dr. Marie Etienne and Maray Salina greeted the members to the SFCCC Steering Committee meeting.  Members were asked to state their name, organization, and workgroup they are a part of.


Workgroup Updates:

SFCCC work group updates are as follows:

1. Synergy and Networking/Membership Work Group

Synergy and Networking/Membership Work Group Leaders will provide an update during the next Steering Committee meeting. Tenesha Avent, Coordinator of SFCCC, requested the Steering Committee to review the SFCCC draft brochure. The feedback will be sent to the Synergy and Networking/Membership Work Group to make revisions. Suggested revisions are as follows: include a brief description of SFCCC accomplishments, decrease pictures to maximize space, move the mission statement to page 1, remove the QR code from page 2, and include a brief description of each work group.

2. Risk Reduction Work Group

Risk Reduction Work Group Leaders, John Brown and Teddy Speropoulos, discussed the 6 objectives the group is working on from the Strategic Plan. The work group plans to disseminate healthy lifestyle brochures focused on lung and breast cancer. The work group will collaborate with Memorial Healthcare System’s Imaging Department to provide healthy lifestyle brochures to patients after mammogram screenings. The group also plans to connect with the Community Relations Department to participate in tabling opportunities during upcoming health fairs. The Risk Reduction Work Group plans to partner with the Women’s Breast & Heart Initiative, Florida International University and Broward College Healthcare students to train the volunteers to conduct community awareness sessions. The overall goal of the HPV efforts are to participate in health fairs to disseminate information about HPV prevention and vaccination, which will also allow opportunities to conduct screenings of the “Someone You Love
 DVD. The work group plans to submit a request to Nova Southeastern University and Florida International University’s Smoking/Vaping Outreach program to become more integrated in their efforts. John Brown will also reach out to the American Cancer Society to discuss HPV outreach. Dr. Botero, Memorial Healthcare System Radiation Oncologist, conducted 2 smoking/tobacco cessation presentations at a Miami-Dade County elementary school.


3. Disparities Work Group

Chris Varela, Disparities Work Group leader noted the work group is in the process of revising their Strategic Plan table. The current focus of the work group is on smoking/tobacco cessation and the Prostate Cancer Awareness campaign. John Brown, Risk Reduction Work Group Leader, suggested Chris and Fayola Delica, Disparities Work Group Leader, connect with the South Broward Urology Group. This organization would be a great resource for the Prostate Awareness Campaign. Fayola discussed the importance of utilizing social media to engage the local community. Use social media to engage more local community. John Brown also suggested the Disparities Work Group should connect with Primary Care Physicians since patient’s prostate screenings take place with these physicians.

4. Survivorship and Quality of Life Work Group

Tenesha Avent, Coordinator of SFCCC, provided the update for the Survivorship and Quality of Life Work Group. The work group has finalized the fly for the Survivorship Symposium. The Survivorship Symposium will take place on June 1, 2019 at the Cleveland Clinic in Weston. Catholic Hospice will sponsor the breakfast. There will be presentations on survivorship care plan, survivorship diet, next level of survivorship, mindfulness/stress reduction, and Chair Yoga. The link to nominate individuals for the Suvivorship Hero awards will be sent to the Collaborative by the next week.

New Business:

  1. Work Group Planning

  • Steering Committee Review Strategic Plan table as a group.


  2. Finalized SFCCC Brochure

  • Revisions will be sent to the Synergy and Networking/Membership Work Group.

  3. Tabling Opportunities

  • Memorial Hospital Fashion Show- Collaborative will be allowed to have a table at the event on June 3, 2019.

  • Florida Society of Clinical Oncology- Collaborative was offered a table on Thursday, May 23


  4.  HCSF Commitment letter

        a. All members in attendance agreed with the HCSF commitment letter. 

        b. Letter of Support

            i. All members in attendance agreed with providing the letter of support to the Social Determinants of                      Cancer Risk among Caribbean Immigrants in South Florida Project.


  1. Next Steering Committee Meeting- TBD

  2. SFCCC Quarterly Meeting- The June Quarterly meeting will be held at Holy Cross Women’s Center in Fort Lauderdale. An announcement of the RSVP link and meeting date will be distributed in the following week.


Meeting adjourned at 10:50 a.m. The next Steering Committee meeting will be announced in the coming days.

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