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Humanitarians of the Year Awards

In recognition of their outstanding commitment to providing support, education and care, the following partners were given the 1st Annual Humanitarian of the Year award at the Survivorship Conference, January 21, 2016.

Dr. Ashwin Mehta, Medical Director of Integrative Medicine, Memorial Cancer Institute

Ms. Pamela Burnett, President & Founder, The Beautiful Gate Cancer Support and Resource Center

Cancer Support Community of Greater Miami, accepted by Amparo Alvarez, Community Outreach Coordinator

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Humanitarian of the Year Award

The Southeast Florida Cancer Control Collaborative (SFCCC) will distribute three Humanitarian Awards at the “Not Just Surviving but Thriving” Symposium on June 15th 2017 at Memorial Regional Hospital Auditorium.

These awards will be announced during the conference in recognition of the tremendous effort that goes into being a survivor, or taking care of a cancer survivor.  Three finalists will be voted on by the entire SFCCC, with one receiving the humanitarian of the year award as a healthcare provider, caretaker, or a business.  

Nominations are due by no later than: Friday May 19, 2017

The winners would demonstrate one or more of the following qualities:

  • Patient advocacy - an oncology nurse, advocate, a doctor, therapist etc., who has served the cancer community, patients, etc...One who has gone far and beyond their call of service

  • One who provides support to the cancer community- could be an individual or a business. 

  • An amazing caretaker - one who is compassionate, dedicated, trustworthy, patient, a good listener, positive person etc...

  • A notable educator involved in Oncology to the community - this person must consistently demonstrate concern for the welfare and happiness of cancer patient’s survivors and caretakers.

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