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September Quarterly Meeting

Southeast Florida Cancer Control Collaborative 

September 22, 2020

8:30 a.m. -10:00 a.m.

Zoom Meeting:




1. Belinda Paulicin- Gilda's Club South Florida

2. Cara Kondaki- Cleveland Clinic

3. Corinne Danielson-Sari Center

4. Elizabeth Marshall-Memorial Cancer Institute

5. Elizabeth Maus- Broward Health Medical Center 

6. Gail Brown- MSMC/CCC

7. Islamiyat Adebisi- Florida Department of Health Miami-Dade County

8. Jennifer Tobon-American Cancer Society

9.  Jillian Guralski-Memorial Cancer

10. Kelly King- Memorial Cancer Institute

11. Lenise Banwarie- Florida Department of Health

12. Linda Lott- Jessie Trice Community Health System, Inc

13. Maray Salina- Memorial Health Care System (MCI)

14. Maria Martinez- Florida International University

15. Marjorie Epstein Aloni- Tri County Senior Resource Referral Network, LLC

16. Patricia Jacobs-Lynn Cancer Institute

17. Phil Fusca- Holy Cross Health Comprehensive Cancer Center

18. Rachelle Theodore- CLT Business Solution LLC

19. Dr. Susan Theroux- Good Samaritan Medical Center

20. Tenesha Avent- Health Council of South Florida

25. Tenesha Avent-Health Council of South Florida


SFCCC Co-Chairs, Dr. Marie Etienne and Maray Salina welcomed the members to the quarterly meeting.  Members were asked to state their name, organization, and workgroup.

Special Presentation- Palliative Care

Dr. Marcos Rejtman, Memorial Cancer Institute

2020-2025 Florida Cancer Plan Review/Strategic Plan Discussion

The Collaborative members reviewed the 2020-2025 Florida Cancer Plan and provided feedback. The Risk Reduction Workgroup noted their members discussed goals three, four, five and eight during their previous meeting and will continue developing activities to implement toward these goals. In addition to providing support to the other workgroups, the Survivorship and Quality of Life Workgroup shared the workgroup will be discussing activities with a focus on goals eleven and seventeen during their next workgroup meeting.  

Work Group Updates:

SFCCC Workgroup updates were provided are as followed:


Synergy and Networking/Membership Workgroup

The Synergy and Networking/Membership Work Group will provide an update at the next Quarterly meeting.

Risk Reduction Workgroup

The Risk Reduction Work Group leaders Dinah Trevil and Rachelle Theordore provided the workgroup update. The Risk Reduction work group reported on their meeting with the Department of Health Tobacco Cessation Group. The workgroup leaders also discussed developing a webinar series regarding the importance of evidence-based screening recommendations. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, cancer screenings have been decreasing and the workgroup plans to incorporate this messaging in social media postings and educational sessions.

Disparities Workgroup

The Disparities Workgroup will provide an update at the next Quarterly meeting.  

Survivorship and Quality of Life Workgroup

Cara Kondaki, Survivorship and Quality of Life Workgroup leader discussed the Survivorship Symposium. The Survivorship Symposium was postponed until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The workgroup discussed shifting plans to developing a webinar series surrounding survivorship related topics.


Meeting adjourned at 10:00 a.m.  The next SFCCC Quarterly Meeting will take place in December.


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