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Southeast Florida Cancer Control Collaborative

August Steering Committee Meeting

Zoom Meeting:





Facilitating:  Co-Chairs:  Maray Salina and Dr. Marie Etienne



10:00 a.m.       Welcome (Marie/Maray)
                        Introductions of SFCCC members in attendance



10:05 a.m.       Work Group Updates


    a. Synergy and Networking/Membership      Co-Chair Leonor Pupo

   Co-Chair Natasha Carr

    b. Risk Reduction                                      Co-Chair Dinah Trevil

                                                                   Co-Chair Rachelle Theodore

    c. Disparities                                             Co-Chair Chris Varela

   Co-Chair Fayola Delica

    d. Survivorship & Quality of Life                  Co-Chair Cara Kondaki

                                                                   Co-Chair Wendie Nemeroff

10:25 a.m.       New Business

                      a.  What barriers/obstacles are being encountered by cancer patients as they continue cancer


                      b. Webinar Series

                           1. Cancer Disparity Topics

                               i. Alcohol, Smoking Cessation, Fresh Food and Sedentary Lifestyles

                      c.  Recruitment of New Partners

                           1. Students Working Against Tobacco

                           2. Department of Health (DOH) Breast and Cervical Cancer Group

                           3. Department of Health (DOH) Immunization

10:55 a.m.     Announcement


                                a.  September Quarterly Meeting

                                     1. September 22, 2020- 8:30am-10am

                                     2. Palliative Care Presentation provided by Dr. Rejtman, Memorial Cancer Insitute 

                                b.  Partner Announcements


12:00 p.m.        Adjournment

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