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The HCSF utilizes tools such as Geographic Information System (GIS), a database management and mapping technology, that allows us to capture, store, and analyze geographical data to display health indicators on local, county, and state levels. GIS Mapping assists decision-makers, community stakeholders, health professionals and private organizations to set priorities, develop policies to target social determinants of health that will improve the overall well-being of the community.

GIS Mapping

Geographic Information System (GIS) is a database management and mapping technology that organizes and stores large amounts of information. GIS adds the dimension of geographic analysis to information technology by providing a relational interface between the data and map allowing information to be presented to key decision makers quickly and effectively.


The HCSF utilizes GIS mapping to inform the community on the prevalence of disease in District 11; to illustrate access of health care facilities, which will in turn help analyze resource availability and allocation; to help monitor and evaluate interventions over time; and to highlight social determinants of health by comparing chronic disease prevalence and socioeconomic factors leading to disease at the zip code level.   



Prevention Quality Indicator Map

Median Income 



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