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Ethics Committee


The Ethics Committee of the Health Council of South Florida, was established in 1989 and serve as an unbiased forum, a collective voice and a resource to identify and address the ethical components of important health care issues that arise in our community. The mission of the Ethics Committee is to serve as an unbiased forum and resource to identify and address ethical issues related to health status, access to healthcare, and health disparities in Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties. A Board of Directors governs the Council, and the Ethics Committee is a standing committee of the Board. This committee will have oversight of questions relating to the development of, and compliance with, governance and ethics principles of the Council, and will, from time to time, make such recommendations in reference thereto as in its opinion may be desirable.


Its members include health care providers, educators, researchers, community advocates, clergy, and experts in the fields of bioethics and law.


Committee Members
Marin Gillis, PhD, LPh, Chair
Deacon Albert Mindel, MSFS, MA, Ex-Oficio Chair
Shed Boren, MSW, MBA, PhD
Carol Cohan
Ann-Lynn Denker, ARNP, PhD
Raul de Velasco, MD, FACP
Lyn Farr, RN, CHPN
Rev. Pamela Feeser D. Min.
Jaime M. Franco, MBA, MPH, PhD
Kenneth Goodman, PhD
Charles B. Radlauer, MD, JD
Nancy Roberts, RN
E. Robert Schwartz, MD


Ethics One Pager
White Paper: Preserving the Safety-Net


For more information, contact:
Vanessa Naranjo
Office Administrator
Direct: (786) 391-2022
Fax: (305) 592-0589


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Nominating Committee


Finance Committee

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