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Measuring what matters in Miami-Dade County

Miami Matters provides easy to understand and unbiased data on health, environmental and other quality of life indicators for Miami-Dade County. The website is intended to promote informed community action and serve as a road map for collaborative improvement, highlighting where we have been, our current status, and directing where we need to go.

Miami Matters is a:

  • Community Assessment Tool - A living community report card

  • Strategic Planning Instrument - Prioritize effective allocation of resources in response to community needs

  • GIS Mapping - Dynamic mapping capabilities in sync with indicator and demographic data

  • Best Practices Repository - Clearing-house for dissemination of best practices

  • Collaborative Platform - Portal to contextual information that forges public and private partnerships

  • Educational Library - Central source of unbiased information to increase public awareness

  • Advocacy Platform - Conduit of information for responsible policy recommendations for decision-makers


Utilized by:


  • Goverment Agencies

  • Community-Based Organizations

  • Community Developers

  • Health Social Services Providers

  • Grant Writers

  • Legislators 

  • Economic developers


Miami Matters Website
2013 Miami Matters Health Report Card
Miami-Dade Community Health Needs Assessment Household Survey Report


For more information, contact:

Vanessa Naranjo

Office Administrator

7875 NW 12th Street, Suite 118

Miami, FL 33126

(786) 391-2022


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