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Ethics Committee


Policy, Planning and Advisory Committee (PPAC)


“PPAC” is the Policy, Planning and Advisory Committee of the Health Council of South Florida, Inc. A Board of Directors governs the Council, and the Policy, Planning and Advisory Committee is a standing committee of the Board. The PPAC should be persons broadly representatives of the South Florida community and should include a number of individuals as determined by the Board of Directors from time to time. This Committee is expected to advise on Miami‐Dade and Monroe Counties community strategic planning, legislative agenda and other policy recommendations as requested by the Board. Each member of PPAC actively contributes to the community by assuring that health services and facilities are accessible and affordable.


Committee Members
Jessica Scher, Chair
Liana Mentor, Co-Chair
Rev. Shirley L. Brown
Ivette Mainquist Camejo
Luis E. Collazo
Michael Daily, M. Div
Lorna A. Escoffery, PhD
Maria Hidalgo-Diaz
Jeffrey Lagomacini
H. Virginia McCoy, PhD
Arianna Nesbitt, MPSA
E. Robert Schwartz, MD
Ann-Karen Weller, RN, BSN, MBA-HSM


PPAC One Pager
2015 HCSF Legislative Agenda
2014 HCSF Legislative Agenda


For more information, contact:
Vanessa Naranjo
Office Administrator
Direct: (786) 391-2022
Fax: (305) 592-0589


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Finance Committee

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