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Top Causes of Unintentional Injury and Death in Homes and Communities

According to Injury Facts 2016, about 136,053 people died from unintentional-injury-related deaths in 2014. That’s 136,053 times someone’s ordinary day turned tragic.

Often, these tragedies happen when least expected – during a vacation, while doing chores at home or while driving across town. Here, in order, are the top causes of unintentional injury and death in homes and communities.

#1: Poisoning - Prescription drug overdose is by far the leading cause.

#2: Motor Vehicle Crashes Impaired driving, distracted driving, speeding and inexperience can cause a life to be cut short in the blink of an eye. Everyone has a role in making our roads safer.

#3: Falls - Third leading cause of unintentional-injury-related death over all age groups, but the #1 cause of death for those 71 and older, according to Injury Facts 2015. The good news: Aging, itself, does not cause falls. Learn what you can do to help protect older loved ones.

#4: Choking and Suffocation - choking on food or other objects is a primary cause. Suffocation is the second leading cause of unintentional injury death for people 87 and older. Mechanical suffocation is the #1 cause of death for infants. Learn prevention and rescue tips.

#5: Drowning -The leading cause of unintentional-injury-related death over all ages, and the #1 cause of death for children ages 1 to 4, mostly due to children falling into pools or being left alone in bathtubs. Learn how to keep yourself and your family safe.

#6: Fires and Burns - Often fires start at night, when family members are asleep. A working smoke alarm will cut the chances of dying in a fire in half. Learn more fire safety tips here.

#7: Natural and Environmental Incidents - Weather-related disasters claim hundreds of lives per year. National Safety Council encourages families to learn all they can about emergency preparedness, and always have an emergency kit on hand.

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