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Still Need Health Insurance Coverage for 2017?

With a Qualifying Life Change, you may be able to enroll in health coverage NOW!

Individuals who experienced a life change in the past 30-60 days may qualify to enroll now under the Special Enrollment Period. Some common life changes include:

Here’s how our Team of Certified ACA Enrollment Navigators can help you:

  • Assist you in completing the enrollment process

  • Update your Marketplace account information

  • Assist you in comparing all plan options in the Marketplace (new/affordable plans may be available)

  • Help choose a plan that meets all of your needs

  • Answer questions regarding the use of newly acquired insurance

To make an appointment, call (786) 708-0836 or text “ACA HELP” to 41411 or visit for FREE, unbiased in-person assistance, close to your home, in your own language and at a time that fits your schedule.


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