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United Way Resource Center Information

Helping to rebuild a stronger Miami Since Hurricane Irma impacted South Florida our community has sprung into action. From cleaning up our beautiful Miami River to serving our older adults delicious hot meals and collecting and delivering essentials to Irma victims in South Florida and the Keys. Your ongoing support of our United Way is what makes all of this possible.


Relief efforts by the numbers Many in our community are still struggling to pick up the pieces. Here’s how we’ve been responding to urgent requests for those who need it most.


Need help picking up the pieces? Our Recover and Rebuild Resource Center is here to help you and your loved ones navigate through this most challenging time


Meet Ursula While helping to feed older adults at a Little Havana public housing complex following Hurricane Irma, we had the privilege of meeting Ursula, a resident in need who showed her appreciation. “Ayer United Way me ayudó con todo lo que me dieron. Hoy no he cocinado y no pensaba comer, ahora voy a poder comer lo que me dieron. Yo sé que United Way ayuda mucho. Cuando han pedido yo he dado porque yo sé que necesitan ayuda y yo ayudo a mi comunidad.” -Ursula "Yesterday United Way helped me with everything they gave me. I haven't cooked anything today and wasn't planning on eating. Now I will be able to eat what I was given. I know that United Way helps a lot. When they have asked, I have donated because I know they need help and I help my community." -Ursula


Contributor Spotlight

Commissioner Dennis C. Moss

Miami-Dade County, District 9

"Thank you to United Way of Miami-Dade for helping us weather the storm of Hurricane Irma. District 9 is geographically one of the largest and most diverse districts in Miami-Dade County. It takes committed community partners like United Way to help us ensure that no one is out of reach, especially in the event of a natural disaster. During Hurricane Irma we were able to call on United Way to quickly aid our most vulnerable families who were in need of food, water and basic hygiene products.

I encourage all of us to continue to support this organization and their mission to 'build community by helping people care for one another'."


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