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Did you know about Miami-Dade County's Emergency & Evacuation Assistance Program (EEAP)?

Residents who require evacuation assistance should register for the Emergency & Evacuation Assistance Program (EEAP) before Hurricane Season to ensure help will be given following an evacuation order. Assistance may also be provided after an emergency.

The EEAP is for individuals with functional and access needs who live alone or with families who:

  • cannot evacuate on their own due to medical or specialized transportation needs

  • are home bound or bedridden, unable to walk and do not have transportation options

  • are on life-sustaining medical equipment that requires electricity

  • require assistance with daily living activities

Specialized transportation, safe shelter, medical monitoring and wellness checks are among the services provided for eligible residents. A caregiver or companion should accompany the evacuee throughout the emergency period to ensure the evacuee's needs are met in a timely manner.

To register: Register online or download an application below and return by mail. You can also call the support line to have a print application sent to you in English, Spanish, Haitian Creole or in an alternate format such as Braille or large print.

For more information, please click here. IMPORTANT NOTE:

Residents in nursing homes, assisted living facilities or group homes must follow their own facilities' emergency plans. Facilities implement their mutual aid agreements should they need to evacuate.

For additional information contact:

Miami-Dade Office of Emergency Management

Phone: 305-468-5400

Health Council of South Florida

Phone: 305-592-1452 ext. 110


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