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Hospital/Nursing Utilization Report

To subscribe to our Hospital/Nursing Home Utilization Reports, please click here.

Did you know the Health Council of South Florida’s (HCSF) online reporting system provides you with access to utilization data up to six (6) months before the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) releases information to the public?

Access to the HCSF Online Report platform provides you with the opportunity to:

  • View current utilization data for all hospitals and nursing homes facilities in District 11 (Miami-Dade & Monroe County)

  • Generate trend reports with the ability to analyze historical data as far back as 2009

  • Stratify reports by month or quarter

  • Export and print reports in PDF and Excel format

  • Customize reports by category of services in the nursing home and hospital database:

      Nursing Home Database

  • Total Patient Day Report (Occupancy)

  • Medicaid Patient Day Report (Occupancy)

  • Medicare Patient Day Report (Occupancy)

  • Other Patient Day Report (Occupancy)

  • Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CRRC) Report

  • Non-CCRC Report

      Hospital Database  

  • Acute care

  • Long-Term Care

  • Obstetric

  • Pediatric

  • NICU Levels II & III

  • Rehabilitation

  • Substance Abuse

  • Psychiatry (pediatric and adult)

  • Open Heart Surgery Report

  • Inpatient and Outpatient Surgery Report

  • Cardiac Cath and Angioplasty procedures

  • ER visits and Admissions

  • Staff Report

  • Birth Report​

In turn, you can use this information to:

  • Determine Needs Assessments for your facility

  • Use as a Strategic Planning Tool

  • Analyze utilization for future services by population and procedure type

  • Conduct market share analysis

If that’s not enough, as the state-appointed data stewards for over 45 years, the HCSF data team can prepare ad hoc reports and customize dashboards relevant to your facility needs based on hospital inpatient, ER, and ambulatory patient data.

Contact us today to learn how you can begin accessing the HCSF Online Report System!

For a brief tour of how the Hospital Utilization Database reports are generated, please click on the following link:
Click here to see video

Health Council of South Florida (HCSF) Online Hospital Report System: Annual Subscription Cost

HCSF Online Hospital Report System 

HCSF Online Hospital Report System 

Fee Schedule

  • $1,250.00 Annual Subscription (first Hospital Subscriber within a System)*

  • $250 for each additional Subscriber within same Hospital System *

*Each facility subscriber will be assigned one (1) unique user name and password that will allow access to the HCSF Online Hospital Report System. One Authorized User per Purchased License.

For pricing and more information, please contact us at:

Office: (305) 592-1452 


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