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Our Vision

To be the organization of choice that drives integration, collaboration and engagement for improved health and wellness in the communities we serve.

Our Mission

To be the source of unbiased health and quality of life data and analysis; the preferred partner for quality program planning, management, evaluation, and community services; the facilitator of collaboration and partnerships in Miami-Dade and Monroe counties; and the trusted champion for ethical and targeted healthcare policy at the local, state, and national levels.

Our History

The Health Council of South Florida (HCSF) is one of eleven local health councils created by S 408.033 to coordinate health services planning across the state. Insofar as the Health Council of South Florida has determined that health services are and must be based on a foundation of ethics, our strategic goals emphasize reducing disparities in access to care, improving health promotion, and minimizing the effects of HIV/AIDS, with an emphasis on Miami-Dade and Monroe counties...  

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Our Values


Our Beliefs

About us


Our Beliefs

  • We serve as an objective, independent voice for the public-at-large as it relates to the quality of life and healthcare

  • Basic health care benefits are a right, not a privilege and access to a basic set of health services  and information should be provided to everyone, at a cost the community can afford

  • Greater focus should be placed on wellness and prevention, as a measure to complement the system of care

  • Consumers have the right to receive culturally and linguistically competent services and care that respects the individual’s personal, philosophical, and religious beliefs

  • Access to quality and current health care and health-related quality of life data is critical in making sound strategic decisions regarding your business, your community, program interventions and policy evaluation

  • Healthcare leaders have the responsibility to work together proactively to reduce disparities in health status, outcomes, and care

 Basic environmental sanitation, adequate supply of safe water, promotion of proper nutrition, control of local endemic disease, health education, primary care, basic mental health services, preventive health care, family planning services, elder care, maternal and child care, immunizations against major diseases, preventive oral health and treatment for common diseases, conditions and injuries.



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