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The Health Council’s Board of Directors  is established by Section 408.033  Local and state health planning.– (1)  LOCAL HEALTH COUNCILS.– (a) Florida Statutes:


“Local health councils are hereby established as public or private nonprofit agencies serving the counties of a district. The members of each council shall be appointed in an equitable manner by the county commissions having jurisdiction in the respective district. Each council shall be composed of a number of persons equal to 11/2 times the number of counties which compose the district or 12 members, whichever is greater. Each county in a district shall be entitled to at least one member on the council. The balance of the membership of the council shall be allocated among the counties of the district on the basis of population rounded to the nearest whole number; except that in a district composed of only two counties, no county shall have fewer than four members. The appointees shall be representatives of health care providers, health care purchasers, and nongovernmental health care consumers, but not excluding elected government officials. The members of the consumer group shall include a representative number of persons over 60 years of age. A majority of council members shall consist of health care purchasers and health care consumers. The local health council shall provide each county commission a schedule for appointing council members to ensure that council membership complies with the requirements of this paragraph. The members of the local health council shall elect a chair. Members shall serve for terms of 2 years and may be eligible for reappointment.”


Under the Board’s direction, areas of emphasis have encompassed population and regional health planning, program development and evaluation, disease management, ethical standards for a healthy community, trauma service coordination, and the formation of cost-effective health policy that is responsive to the health needs of South Florida residents.

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